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Paula Musich

Research Director

    Paula brings over 30 years of experience covering the IT security and networking technology markets. She has been an IT security analyst for over nine years, most recently as a research director at NSS Labs, and earlier as principal analyst for enterprise security for Current Analysis. As a security technology analyst Paula has tracked and analyzed competitive developments in the threat management segment of the information security market, ranging from advanced anti-malware to next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to content security, data loss prevention and more. Prior to becoming an analyst, Paula led a 20+ year career as a well-regarded technology journalist. She served as a senior editor and writer at eWeek, PC Week, and Network World, winning the prestigious Gold Award for News Analysis, American Society of Business Publication Editors.

    Written By Paula Musich

    A New Privacy Frontier: Protect Your Organization’s Gold With These 5 Data Risk Management Tips

    The enactment of recent privacy mandates is just the start. A comprehensive data risk management program established before more regulations go into effect is well worth its weight in gold.

    Data Risk Management: Circling the Wagons With Three Chief Officers Leading the Way

    To establish a consolidated data risk management program, the chief information security officer (CISO), chief data officer (CDO) and chief risk officer (CRO) must be on the same page.

    The Wild West of Data Risk Management in the Age of Cloud, Mobile and Digital Transformation

    In today's rapidly evolving security environment, it's imperative for organizations to establish a formal data risk management program that does more than just check the boxes.

    The Key to Protecting Your Crown Jewels? Improve Risk Management

    Experts at the 2018 RSA Conference demonstrated how increasing collaboration and accountability around cyber risk management is the best way to protect your critical assets.

    Data Risk Management, Part 3: Assessing Risk Levels of Structured Versus Unstructured Data

    To protect their crown jewels from data thieves, organizations must determine the difference in risk levels between structured and unstructured data and prioritize accordingly.

    Data Risk Management, Part 2: Who Is Ultimately Accountable When a Big Breach Happens?

    By proactively determining who is responsible for data risk management before a data breach occurs, C-suite executives can help avoid such incidents in the first place.

    Data Risk Management, Part 1: How to Put Executives in the Driver’s Seat

    Executives are increasingly viewing data risk management as an area that can reduce costs and increase information security.