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Rick M Robinson

Rick Robinson is a writer and blogger, with a current 'day job' focus on the tech industry and a particular interest in the interplay of tech-driven factors and business considerations - think of the relationship between virtualization and cloud computing. Rick also blogs at Rocketpunk Manifesto on outer space, possible futures, speculative technology, and speculative literature. He has also had print articles published on aviation and military history.

Written By Rick M Robinson

Wiper Malware Poses Destructive Threat

Wiper malware can destroy important data and cripple computer systems. It was most recently used in the high-profile breach against Sony Pictures.

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks Pose Ongoing Threat

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks exploit Web design tools to sneak malicious scripts onto users' browsers. Preventive measures can minimize the risk.

Malicious Domains Can Give You the .Biz

Understanding the common tactics that cybercriminals use to mask malicious domains is key to keeping users from clicking on harmful links.

External Threats a Top Concern for CISOs

What is the biggest challenge for CISOs today? Security leaders will continue to focus on external threats for the foreseeable future.

Security Technology a Top Focus for CISOs

Security leaders are focusing their attention on improving security technology in the face of innovations in the cloud, mobile devices and big data.

CISO Assessment: For Security Leaders, a Stronger Voice

According to IBM's third annual CISO assessment, CISOs are gaining more influence in the C-suite in response to growing security threats.

The Great Mobile Security Reboot

Mobile security poses challenges, but it also gives firms a chance to build security anew, free of legacy code that sometimes dates back 40 years.

Protecting Information Security With a Moat of Intelligence

Endpoint security is no longer enough, so instead of a moat surrounding their network, firms need a "moat of intelligence" to detect threats.

Staying Ahead of Threats in a Changing Technology World

Staying ahead of threats is the key to information security in the cloud and mobile era. Security intelligence is a vital part of any program.

Cybersecurity: Learn to Think Like the Enemy

The only way to really test your organization's cybersecurity measures is to attack them — which means learning to think like a black-hat hacker.