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Sridhar Muppidi

IBM Fellow, VP & CTO IBM Security

    Dr. Sridhar Muppidi is an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer in IBM Security Systems. He leads the technical strategy, architecture and Research for IBM Security, focused on Digital Identity & Fraud Protection, Identity & Access Management, Application & Data, Mobile & Cloud Security. He is a technical leader with 20 years’ experience in security, software product development and security solutions architecture for several industry verticals. His current responsibilities also include providing secure security solutions to enterprises, leading work groups in security & privacy and representing IBM in open standards activities. He is an IBM Master inventor with number of patents and publications.

    Written By Sridhar Muppidi

    Busting Cybersecurity Silos

    To break down cybersecurity silos, professionals must work together to share security information and build collaborative solutions to address the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

    How to Use DNS Analytics to Find the Compromised Domain in a Billion DNS Queries

    Using unique methods of analyzing DNS data, advanced DNS analytics enables security teams to quickly and proactively find and eliminate potential threats.

    How Analytics Can Help You Better Understand Access Risks

    The increasing complexity of modern IAM makes it hard to understand your organization's access risks. Identity analytics can help by enhancing existing processes with a rich behavioral and event data.

    Supporting the Shift to Passwordless Authentication With FIDO

    IBM is embracing FIDO authentication across its offerings as part of its effort to shift the industry toward a standardized approach to authentication and the eventual end of passwords.

    TRusted Anonymous Data Exchange (TRADE) Threat Intelligence Sharing With Blockchain

    A new threat intelligence sharing network allows companies to control both who has access to information and the quality of anonymous threat data they consume.

    Adversarial AI: As New Attack Vector Opens, Researchers Aim to Defend Against It

    While fraudsters have yet to master adversarial AI, the only way for the security community to get ahead of the emerging threat is through collaborative defense.