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Top Women Leaders in IBM Share Cybersecurity Trends and Why the Future for Women in Security Is Now

Cybersecurity remains an area where there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals. In particular, women remain sorely underrepresented. As a part of National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day Celebrations, IBM leaders will discuss trends and challenges in cybersecurity.

Leaders in senior roles that span chief information security officer, vice president of security development, chief marketing officer and lead security researcher will share unique perspectives and observations they have made throughout their successful career paths.

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This panel discussion will also uncover bigger issues, including why women are still underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry, the challenges faced in their own careers, and what IBM does to recruit and retain top female talent to close the gender gap.

Find out why leaders of IBM are optimistic about the growing presence of professional women in business. Join the webinar and learn what action you can take to make an impact.

Featured Speakers

Dimple Ahluwalia

VP, Services Solution Design & IBM Security BISO

IBM Security

Rashmy Chatterjee

VP WW Sales

IBM Security

Lindsey Lurie


IBM Security

Sonya Miller

HR Director

IBM Security

Wendi Whitmore

Global Partner, IBM Security Services

IBM Security