‘Cracken’ Passwords with EvilMog of IBM X-Force Red

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Sep 5, 2017
08 minutes


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‘Cracken’ Passwords with EvilMog of IBM X-Force Red
September 5, 2017
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IBM X-Force Red has expanded significantly in recent months, in terms of both its practice areas and the team itself. Dustin Heywood, better known within the industry as EvilMog of Team Hashcat, came on board earlier this year and wasted no time helping IBM Security prepare for its stellar showing at Black Hat 2017.

In this podcast, EvilMog talks about the latest trends in password hacking and discusses his experience creating the Cracken, a powerful password-cracking rig that debuted at Black Hat and demonstrates just how easily even complex passwords can be deciphered.

Listen now to learn:

  • How X-Force Red will use Cracken to help organizations discover and defend against cyber attacks;
  • Whether password policies that require the use of certain characters (uppercase letter, digit, etc.) impede hackers or assist them; and
  • Why password managers are an important step in the right direction, although not a security panacea.

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