Before, During and After an Attack

To succeed in a highly contested space, organizations must have comprehensive, robust and holistic security and threat intelligence capabilities. As criminals and their methodologies become increasingly sophisticated — better organized, persistent, and more often financially motivated — organizations need a platform bringing together intelligent, resilient and orchestrated defenses.

Central to any strategy is a planned, communicated, rehearsed and organizationally tailored incident management program that combines people, process and technology.

When it comes to incident management and response, having the ability to rely on industry experts as your partners will benefit your organization exponentially. At IBM, we have the industry’s top security, incident response and intelligence experts.



Discover how IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (X-Force IRIS) can help you cross the incident response chasm, build a holistic program and better prepare you to deal with and thwart the security challenges your organization faces. After all, a cyber attack doesn’t have to yield a data breach.

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