IBM and Senetas: Providing Secure Data Collaboration in an Insecure World

“What has become clear is that most [commercial file collaboration tools] just simply don’t provide the data protection and assurance mechanisms that enterprise customers actually need.” – Julian Fay, CTO, Senetas

Today’s enterprise employees have a nearly insatiable demand to share, sync and collaborate on data. While many commercial tools exist for this purpose, they generally lack enterprise-grade security controls and may be non-compliant with increasingly strict national or regional regulatory guidance.

In this podcast, Julian Fay, CTO of Senetas, joins Deepraj Emmanuel Datt, Solution Design Leader at IBM Security Services Asia-Pacific, for a conversation about data protection and secure data collaboration. Listen now to discover the unique capabilities of Senetas’ SureDrop file-sharing platform, including full encryption, data sovereignty and key management control. You’ll also hear about how IBM and Senetas are working together to promote secure data collaboration and storage in ASEAN and beyond.



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