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IBM X-Force Research: The Changing Face of IT Security in the Government Sector

Information security is just one cog in the much larger machine that comprises government entities. Today’s government threat landscape extends from cybersecurity, physical security and critical infrastructure security to the fight against terrorism and the protection of the citizenry from natural disasters.

As the digital and the physical realms have grown more connected over the last several years, cyber threats to the government sector have become a growing concern. Globally, during 2015, IBM Managed Security Services observed a 36% increase in security incidents affecting the average government client organization. Coupled with reports of massive government breaches in 2016, these findings underscore a need to draw attention to threats targeting governments.

Read this research report to learn:

  • The most common attack vectors in use against government organizations
  • Who is most likely to attack—a malicious insider or malicious outsider
  • What to do to help reduce risk

Download the full report: The Changing Face of IT Security in the Government Sector