Nuclear Facilities Under Attack and Cross-Industry Lessons in Cybersecurity

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Jul 20, 2017
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Nuclear Facilities Under Attack and Cross-Industry Lessons in Cybersecurity
July 20, 2017
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Earlier this year, Paul Ferrillo and Chris Veltsos recorded a nine-part podcast series complementing their book release, “Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now.” Now, Paul and Chris are back for a monthly check-in to talk with IBM’s Mitch Mayne about current topics in security.

News headlines in recent weeks have warned that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting nuclear plants and other energy facilities. While critical infrastructure systems do face some unique security challenges, in their latest podcast Paul and Chris reveal that many of the problems associated with the energy sector actually affect other industries as well.

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Listen now to learn whether aging infrastructure is a concern that’s relevant outside the energy sector and to find out why Chris and Paul expect today’s highly targeted attacks to ultimately spread out across industries. You’ll also get an introduction to the IBM X-Force Command Center and discover why Chris recommends that organizations “drill, baby, drill.”

Discover How IBM X-Force Command Centers Are Changing Security

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Mitch Mayne
Public Information Officer, IBM Security X-Force

Mitch is the Public Information Officer (PIO) for IBM Security X-Force. Mitch is a well-known voice in the cybersecurity realm, and the author of several tho...
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