Threatening Trends to the Banking Industry

It is clear – given the state of today’s security realities criminals no longer need to be physically in a bank to rob it. A simple computer and an internet connection will suffice to financially cripple an entire institution. As a highly-targeted industry for fraudsters, banking has put significant resources toward combating cybercrime, and, as such, has been able to enact good preventive as well as reactive measures in its fight. Major strides against cyberfraud have been made, but it is clear that fraudsters continue to reinvent themselves – and their malware – making this fight one that we do not see slowing down.

In this exclusive podcast, we chat with IBM’s own Rhett Hardy, subject matter expert and member of the Red Cell Financial Crimes Intelligence team, to discuss the threat landscape of 2016 and projections for 2017 within the financial services industry.

Listen now to discover:

  • What banks are currently doing to protect themselves from online fraud
  • The three most threatening trends to the banking industry
  • Contributing factors to the rise of online threats



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Patricia Diaz

Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM

Patricia Diaz is a worldwide Portfolio Marketing Manager for IBM Security. Since joining IBM in 2014, Patricia has held...