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What Makes IBM Watson the Whole Package

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Feb 15, 2017
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What Makes IBM Watson the Whole Package
February 15, 2017
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In this exclusive podcast series, “Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now,” Paul Ferrillo and Christophe Veltsos share insights from their recently released book of the same name. By explaining top threats and cyber risks in plain language, Paul and Chris not only illustrate today’s perilous landscape, but also build a convincing case for why cybersecurity must be a key business priority.

If last week’s episode was a high-level introduction to the promise that cognitive computing and related technologies hold for security practitioners, then this follow-up podcast might aptly be called Cognitive Security 201: IBM Watson.

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Listen now to learn how Watson will empower incident responders to perform their jobs better. You’ll also discover how the ability to ingest and understand both structured and unstructured data sets Watson apart from other cognitive solutions.

Download the complete e-book: Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now

You can also read the IBM report on cybersecurity in the cognitive era that is mentioned during the episode and check out the latest news on Watson for Cyber Security.

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