Are you looking to create a new dashboard for you security director and chief information security officer (CISO) that incorporates your business data? Do you want to integrate your human resources and general ledger data into QRadar for better threat detection and response? Or do you want to build a custom graphical view of you services and infrastructure? Each of these tasks is made easier with a new and very useful app that recently went live on the IBM Security App Exchange: the QRadar App Editor.

The App Editor is a ready-made workspace for you to manage your app’s development, whatever its purpose. The end result for users isn’t an overly complex Swiss army knife user interface (UI), but rather an easy-to-use workflow that simply and beautifully supports their needs.

Whether you are beginning your journey in app development or are a more advanced developer, the App Editor is for you. Simply download the App Editor, and you can be developing your own apps for QRadar in seconds.

Suppose you need to make changes to an existing app you’ve already created. The QRadar App Editor allows you to quickly make changes in real time on the QRadar console and see these changes revealed before your eyes. Manifest changes, CSS style changes or other small alterations can be done in seconds with this new app.

In addition to the Editor’s functionality for easily editing new and existing apps, we’ve also included links to our app development community and support form. Our app development community, “Rock Your SOC,” also has tips and ideas for building your own apps. Why not try it out and let your great ideas come to fruition?

If a picture paints a thousand words, how many words does a video paint? Watch this short video and see how useful this app will be:

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