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A freelance writer for three years, Doug Bonderud is a Western Canadian with expertise in the fields of technology and innovation. In addition to working for the IBM Midsize Insider, The Content Standard and Proteomics programs for Skyword, Doug also writes for companies like Ephricon Web Marketing and sites such as MSDynamicsWorld. Clients are impressed with not only his command of language but the minimal need for editing necessary in his pieces. His ability to create readable, relatable articles from diverse Web content is second to none. He has also written a weekly column for TORWars, a videogaming website; posts about invention and design for InventorSpot.com and general knowledge articles for WiseGeek. From 2010-2012, Doug did copywriting for eCopywriters.com. Doug is currently a municipal police officer, on track to become a fantasy/sci-fi author.

Written By Douglas Bonderud

Massive Router Attack Injects CoinHive Malware Using Winbox Bug

A new router attack targeting MikroTik devices exploits a Winbox bug to install CoinHive malware and create backdoors.

Users Played by Cryptojacking Scam on Popular Gaming Platform

Cloud gaming service Steam pulled a game from its library on July 30 after users reported that it was actually a cryptojacking scam.

New UK Phishing Campaigns Lure Industry Targets With Compromised Email Contacts

A new batch of industry-specific phishing campaigns is leveraging compromised email contacts to steal login information associated with employees of engineering, transport and defense organizations.

New Crypto-Mining Malware ZombieBoy Exploits Multiple CVEs for Maximum Impact

A new family of crypto-mining malware dubbed ZombieBoy has been raking in roughly $1,000 a month worth of Monero by exploiting multiple vulnerabilities to create backdoors and evade defenses.

Threat Actors Breach Consumer Devices to Build IoT Botnets

Security researchers identified two new threats in the wild that are designed to compromise consumer devices to build IoT botnets.

New Encrypted Downloader Leverages Old-School Macro Malware to Gain Backdoor Access

According to a recent threat advisory, cybercriminals have combined a new encrypted downloader with old-school macro malware to gain backdoor access to victims' machines.

RANCOR Threat Group Leverages New Malware Strains in Targeted Espionage Attacks

Threat group RANCOR is leveraging new malware strains to conduct targeted espionage in Southeast Asia, according to a recent report.

Threat Actors Exploit New Drupal Flaw to Deliver Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

In the process of fixing a flaw discovered in March 2018, security researchers from Drupal discovered another vulnerability that could enable threat actors to deliver cryptocurrency mining malware.

Are Machine Learning and Adversarial AI the New Insider Threats?

Instead of replacing humans, machine learning will free up overworked IT analysts to focus on other tasks. However, the rising adoption of AI could expose companies to a new breed of insider threats.

June’s Cybersecurity Recap: The Evolving Cybersecurity Career Pathway

In June's security news, IT experts and educators around the world worked to create a new cybersecurity career pathway through initiatives designed to alleviate the industrywide skills shortage.