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Douglas Bonderud

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A freelance writer for three years, Doug Bonderud is a Western Canadian with expertise in the fields of technology and innovation. In addition to working for the IBM Midsize Insider, The Content Standard and Proteomics programs for Skyword, Doug also writes for companies like Ephricon Web Marketing and sites such as MSDynamicsWorld. Clients are impressed with not only his command of language but the minimal need for editing necessary in his pieces. His ability to create readable, relatable articles from diverse Web content is second to none. He has also written a weekly column for TORWars, a videogaming website; posts about invention and design for InventorSpot.com and general knowledge articles for WiseGeek. From 2010-2012, Doug did copywriting for eCopywriters.com. Doug is currently a municipal police officer, on track to become a fantasy/sci-fi author.

Written By Douglas Bonderud

Human-Centered Vulnerabilities Now Outpace Automated Cyberattacks

According to a new report, cybercriminals now prefer to leverage human-centered vulnerabilities rather than launching automated attacks.

New Fraud Statistics Show Rising Volume of Identity Theft

New fraud statistics from Cifas revealed a drop in overall fraud reports even as online identity theft rises.

100 Percent of Web Applications Vulnerable to Attack Despite Big Spending on Global Security Services

One-hundred percent of web applications are vulnerable to attack, despite analyst predictions that global security services spending will reach $96 billion in 2018.

More Than Half of CISOs Around the World Concerned About the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

A new survey revealed that CISOs need both new sources of talent and better technology to help close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Cybercriminals Use Old-School Tactics to Exploit Credit Card Chip Security

Credit card chip security has improved, but that hasn't stopped cybercriminals from using old-school methods such as mail interception to leverage chip-and-PIN technology for their own gain.

Supply Chain and IoT Risks Pose Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges, Report Reveals

Internet of Things (IoT) device protection and supply chain risks have emerged as top healthcare cybersecurity concerns, according to recent research.

Leveling Up: Gamers Could Offer Big Win for Cybersecurity Job Outlook

For many companies, the cybersecurity job outlook is worrisome: How can they fill positions amid the skills shortage? A new study suggested that gamers may offer a way to level up your security team.

Emerging Trends in Information Technology: Focus Shifts to Device Disposal as Hardware Spending Increases

IT budgets are up, and so is hardware spending. As a result, emerging trends in information technology include a renewed focus on secure device disposal.

System Shock: Energy Sector Tops ICS Security Vulnerabilities List

Industrial control system (ICS) security vulnerabilities are becoming high-priority targets for cybercriminals and, according to recent data, the energy industry tops the list.

The IoT and Cybersecurity: Governments Step Up as Industries Struggle

IoT and cybersecurity issues are causing problems for companies even as they look to leverage smart device data. Can industries catch up, or is government regulation the next step?