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Nicole van Deursen

Information Security Researcher

Nicole van Deursen has worked in several industries as an information security consultant and manager. In these roles, she has managed security teams, awareness projects, developed organisational policies, and performed many audits and risk assessments. Furthermore, when she worked towards her PhD, she collaborated with Edinburgh Napier University to develop a novel method to monitor socio-technical information security risk. She blogs about socio-technical aspects of information security on http://isrisk.wordpress.com.

Written By Nicole van Deursen

2015 Was the Year of the Health Care Data Breach, But Cloud Sails Around the Storm

2015 may have been the year of the health care data breach, but many cloud options safely sailed toward better and more efficient data protection.

Health Care Data Breaches and the Cloud: Trick or Treat?

Cloud security solutions may be the answer for health care organizations seeking to secure data, but they don't come without risks.

Third-Party Insiders: Compliance as the First Step to Trust

Third-party insiders are vital to organizations, but you must apply security management and compliance controls to these workers before building trust.

How to Create Impact With Your Information Security Report in the Boardroom

When creating an information security report as a CISO, it is important to appeal to the needs of the decision-making executives in the boardroom.

How to Reduce Human Error in Information Security Incidents

With human error contributing to 95 percent of security incidents, leaders must look into ways to educate employees and implement security strategies.