Gather More Clues With Security Intelligence and Sense Analytics

February 18, 2016
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Despite the frequent travel, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is working with chief information security officers (CISOs) across multiple industries battling the multitudes of cyberattacks they face. These near-daily insights are fascinating and help me focus on what IBM Security can do to stem the tide against cybercriminals and help organizations protect their network environments.

Theirs is a never-ending job complicated by a shortage of funding and a lack of skilled individuals who can hunt through millions and even billions of daily events looking for the most egregious situations.

Most security leaders tell me they need help and the solutions they’ve acquired fail to aggregate the available data in a way their staff can effectively interpret. So I tell them about QRadar Security Intelligence with its Sense Analytics engine.

Just as humans and animals use multiple faculties to understand their environments, Sense Analytics is able to relate real-time events with a stored body of knowledge to add deeper network context relating addresses with user, data and application profiles. This highlights when something is truly awry instead of momentarily different.

Sense Analytics incorporates current and historical event, netflow, identity, vulnerability, risk and full packet capture data to develop better clues about the existence and movements of cybercriminals that have successfully breached network defenses. It’s a little bit like visiting all the rooms in the old board game “Clue” (you remember – the kitchen, the library, the billiards room) and venturing guesses that your fellow players help to disprove.

To learn more please watch a recent on-demand webinar where I describe how the lessons I’ve learned have guided the development of QRadar into a premier security intelligence platform using multidimensional, analytical insights. Sense Analytics leverages data from every module in the QRadar platform to help security teams more rapidly identify “whodunnit,” and it may be right for your organization.

Watch the on-demand webinar: How to Sense and act on Cyberthreats

Sandy Bird
IBM Fellow, CTO for IBM Security

Sandy Bird was the co-founder and CTO of Q1 Labs, now part of IBM. Today, he's the CTO for IBM Security and is responsible for the company's strategic techno...
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