When it comes to cyber-attacks, the question is no longer if you’ll be breached — but when. That means you need the ability to detect a breach or vulnerability in near real-time, and have an immediate incident response system that can deal with the threat in minutes before widespread damage can occur.

With IBM Security, now you can.

Real-time Situational Awareness

IBM BigFix has a single agent that resides on every endpoint, on and off your corporate network. The agent continuously enforces and reports on compliance status, giving you real-time situational awareness to detect non-compliance, potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Immediate Incident Response

With its automatic quarantine and custom remediation capabilities, IBM BigFix responds to advanced threats and vulnerabilities in minutes. That means you have an immediate incident response system that can minimize damage in the event of a breach or attack.  Using our automated patch management capability, clients have reported achieving a 98% first pass patch success rate.

Mobile Threat Management

Mobile malware is the next big security threat to every enterprise. With the trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and proliferation of mobile apps, your enterprise data is especially vulnerable to rogue apps and malicious websites. You need a modern and comprehensive mobile security solution to detect, block and manage mobile malware and proactively address these concerns.

IBM MaaS360 provides a new layer of protection and intelligence for adaptive malware prevention. Powered with technology from IBM Security Trusteer, our solution gives you visibility into mobile risks and the ability to remediate the threats before they compromise your enterprise data.

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