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Bob Stasio

Global Offering Manager, IBM

    Bob Stasio has extensive experience in cyber threat intelligence and analytics holding positions in the US Army, NSA and Bloomberg.

    Written By Bob Stasio

    The Cognitive Security Glide Path

    Cognitive security solutions help security teams distinguish valuable threat data from noise on the network and respond to incidents more efficiently.

    Cyber Beat Live: More Than Threat Hunting — Identify Connections and Visualize Data with IBM i2

    In this podcast, host Bob Stasio and his expert panel trace the evolution of IBM i2 and share a variety of fascinating cross-industry use cases.

    Should We Disconnect to Improve IoT Security?

    There is no such thing as total IoT security, and the value businesses can gain from the technology outweighs the perceived benefit of disconnecting.

    Cyber Beat Live: Analyzing the WannaCry Response — Fact or FUD?

    In this podcast IBM Security's Bob Stasio and his guests discuss the extent to which FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) colored the WannaCry response.

    IBM i2 QRadar Offense Investigator: The New i2 Cyber Threat Hunting App

    The all-new IBM i2 QRadar Offense Investigator makes it easier for cyberanalysts to gather and pinpoint data trends regarding vulnerabilities and threats.

    Can AI and Machine Learning Help Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

    Businesses and government agencies across all industries face a cybersecurity skills crisis. Can AI and machine learning help solve the problem?

    Cyber Beat Live: Searching for Intelligence — Understanding a Different Dimension of Security

    This podcast examines why private companies are turning to people, processes and technologies from the intelligence community in order to fight security threats.

    Cyber Beat Live: The Art of Cyber Threat Hunting

    Cyber threat hunting is a new practice that many mature organizations are folding into their security strategies. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

    Understanding Cyber Threat Hunting

    When implementing threat hunting programs for the first time, IT teams should start with basic concepts, then add more capabilities gradually.

    Cyber Beat Live: Cybersecurity and the Power Grid

    In this podcast industry experts discuss the challenges energy & utility companies face when trying to secure the power grid and how to best overcome them.