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Rob Patey

Storyteller/Dreamweaver, IBM

Rob has been waxing poetic about IT topics since the late 90s for technology organizations large and small. While career and life have given him a journey that touches almost all facets of marketing, Rob's true passion lies in the stories of how technology affects the human experience. When not researching and writing about the business side of tech, you'll find him managing his 10K plus comic book collection, buried in his 20th plus read of Isaac Asimov novels, or simply chilling out on yet another Battlestar Galactica binge with his Golden Retriever crushing his lap.

Written By Rob Patey

Security Analyst Files Workman’s Comp Claim for ‘Seriously Fatigued Fingers’

A level 3 security analyst announced he'll be taking a six-month leave due to "seriously fatigued fingers" and "a wonky eye" resulting from his daily activities to ensure data security and compliance.

Protect Your Critical Assets in a Landscape of Expanding Attack Surfaces

Security leaders face more challenges to protect critical assets than ever. The evolving enterprise landscape has created a need for new frameworks and solutions to achieve visibility and control.

Maturing Your Security Operations Center With the Art and Science of Threat Hunting

By combining repeatable processes for threat hunting with intelligent solutions and skilled analysts, organizations can improve threat response and protect their most critical assets.

Close the Gap on Advanced Threats With Integrated Security

Advanced threats are evolving faster than enterprise security, despite record spend. Organizations need an integrated ecosystem of solutions that provide visibility into anomalies and potential risks.

A ‘Star Trek’ Darkly: To Boldly, Securely and Easily Go to the Cloud

Tap into the "Star Trek" future through an identity-as-a-service solution light years ahead of its time.

Episode 006: The Great Dawnack

In this installment of "In Security," the Great Dawnack's crystal ball depicted a troubling future for companies battling increasingly advanced threats.

Episode 005: Protecting the Castle

IBM's security sages have built an immune system that grows with your kingdom, protecting the castle from all kinds of cyberthreats.

Episode 004: The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Every App team broke out in song to recap a year's worth of cybersecurity challenges in the latest edition of the "In Security" web comic.

‘Twas the Hack Before Christmas

'Twas the hack before Christmas, the time late December. While IT professionals are home with family members, cybercriminals are planning their next moves.

Episode 003: To the Command Center

The Every App team visits the IBM X-Force Command Center to see what can be done about Pandapocalypse. Can the Cyber Range help improve their response?