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Cisco and IBM Security: Partnering to Provide Integrated Threat Defense

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May 31, 2018
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Cisco and IBM Security: Partnering to Provide Integrated Threat Defense
May 31, 2018
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In this week’s SecurityIntelligence podcast, host and IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence public information officer, Mitch Mayne, dives into the partnership betwen IBM Security and Cisco Security. He is joined by George Mina, program director of strategic alliances at IBM Security, and Dov Yoran, senior director of strategy and business development at Cisco Security.

Joining Forces: IBM and Cisco

Why are secure partnerships such as this necessary? Enterprises today use upwards of 85 security tools from 45 vendors, which creates a complex and often confusing information security strategy, noted Mina in a February 2018 webinar. For him, the IBM Security and Cisco Security collaboration offers more effective security and the ability to “drive deep and meaningful collaboration across the threat landscape.”

It’s part of a more significant shift from best-of-breed to best-of-suite that prioritizes streamlined, simplified security above overly complex infosec environments.

Secure Partnerships: Collaboration Is Greater Than Competition

The security world is more complicated than ever, Yoran acknowledged. To help simplify infrastructure, IBM Security’s collaboration with Cisco Security leverages three pillars: improved product interaction, better service integration and enhanced threat intelligence.

But with overlapping areas of interest, why should IBM Security and Cisco Security collaborate — not compete? For Mina, this partnership is critical for delivering better security. What’s more, he notes that IBM Security and Cisco Security have complementary portfolios. Each organization brings something to the table that helps better enable operators and partner communities — from simplified security environments to automation-driven security evolution.

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Making Progress

Multiple Cisco apps are now available on the IBM X-Force Exchange:

Both apps integrate with the latest version of IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform. This is tangible evidence that both companies are committed to creating an infosec environment where threat sharing and operator ease-of-use trump the traditional corporate competition.

Read more about the Cisco Security and IBM Security integrations and join the live webinar, “Demo Friday: Cisco Security Integrations with IBM QRadar SIEM & IBM Resilient,” on June 15, 2018.

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