Cybersecurity conferences provide excellent opportunities to network with peers, learn about the latest trends in security, engage with vendors and see firsthand the latest developments in technology. Here is a roundup of some of the most interesting 2017 cybersecurity conferences.

RSA Conference

For many cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts, the RSA Conferences are the highlights of the year. RSA USA will be held on Feb. 13–17 in San Francisco and on July 26–28 in Singapore. Another RSA conference will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, but specific information has yet to be announced.

This year, students are invited to attend the San Francisco event for free on Thursday, Feb. 16. This opportunity is part of a larger effort to curtail the shortage of cybersecurity professionals by encouraging more students to enter the cybersecurity field.

InterConnect, InfoSecWorld and InfoSec

In March, InterConnect will return to Las Vegas to showcase many of IBM’s core security capabilities, including DevOps, cloud computing and artificial intelligence from Watson. InterConnect provides many educational sessions and opportunities for hands-on training.

InfoSec World will set up shop in Orlando, Florida, this April to offer a business-focused view of security, featuring summits on cloud security and risk management. There is also a CISO summit for security executives to exchange views and information with their peers.

For those in Europe, Infosec, scheduled for June 6–8 in London, is the highlight of 2017 cybersecurity conferences. This premier event promises three days of educational sessions alongside a bustling exhibition hall. There are also smaller, locally focused InfoSec events held in different cities throughout the year.

Invest in Cybersecurity

The Cyber Investing Summit will be held in New York for the second year. This May conference provides an opportunity for those interested in cybersecurity investment to network and attend educational sessions.

According to the event’s official websites, $1 trillion will be invested in cybersecurity technology over the next five years, creating countless opportunities for fledgling investors to get involved.

Hackers Unite

Once considered a haven for hackers, Black Hat is now considered a mainstream cybersecurity industry event. It is still, however, famed for hacking shenanigans; in fact, attendees are regularly advised to be on particularly high alert during the conference.

Black Hat Asia will take place in Singapore from March 28–31. The Las Vegas event will follow in July.

Those wishing to attend a true hacker conference should consider attending DEF CON, held immediately after Black Hat USA, also in Las Vegas. This is certainly not a business-oriented show, but one for the techies.

Smaller 2017 Cybersecurity Conferences and Events

In addition to these large-scale conferences, cybersecurity firms also offer numerous training events throughout the year. The SANS Institute, for example, provides monthly training sessions in many cities throughout the U.S., as well as online events.

If you are looking to collaborate and network with your peers, look no further than the free BSides events. Several events are already planned, with more to be announced.

Originally designed as an annual general computer expo, CeBIT is now focusing on cybersecurity, with events in 2017 being held in Sydney and Hanover, Germany.

The size and quality of these 2017 cybersecurity conferences attests to the fact that cybersecurity is now a mainstream concern. It is certainly a fast-changing landscape, and attending these conferences will help you keep abreast of all the latest developments throughout the year.

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