With the ongoing IT security skills gap and millions of industry positions waiting to be filled, there’s no better way to expand your personal and professional development than by spending focused time at an IT security conference of your choice. For its part, IBM Security will have a major presence at Think 2019, HIMSS19 and RSA Conference 2019 in the first few months of the new year.

Why Should You Attend Think 2019? Here Are 5 Good Reasons

Think 2019, which will take place from Feb. 11–15 in San Francisco, will bring together thousands of clients, prospects and business partners for one of IBM Security’s largest events of the year. As you consider the various events that you plan to catch next year, here are five key reasons why you should attend some of the more than 150 compelling IBM Security sessions planned at Think 2019.

1. Learn About the Latest Happenings in IT Security

We consistently hear from our clients that they face a significant skills gap in keeping up with rapidly evolving technology and potential cyberattackers. This is exacerbated by the fact that more than half of organizations have unfilled security positions that leave them in perpetual fire-fighting mode.

What better way is there to close the skills gap and expand your security knowledge than by dedicating time to learning about the latest developments in cybersecurity and networking with industry professionals like yourself?

View the security and resiliency curriculum roadmap

2. Check out the Latest Product Enhancements at Our Special Community Day

On Monday, Feb. 11, IBM Security will host a special Community Day, where you can learn about our latest product enhancements and confer with like-minded colleagues who utilize the same solutions as you.

If you haven’t joined the IBM Security Community yet, you can get a head start on planning by joining today.

3. Learn More About IBM Security Connect

IBM recently announced IBM Security Connect, the first IT security platform built on open federated technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) at its core. This solution allows businesses to analyze security data across previously unconnected tools and environments. Think 2019 provides a perfect opportunity to learn more about this exciting new solution.

4. Find out What It’s Really Like to Experience a Cyberattack

IBM Security’s X-Force Command Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, doesn’t just train teams on technical responses to potential cyber incidents; it helps them prepare comprehensive business responses.

At Think 2019, we’ll bring the stress of a cyber incident directly to our audience so they can see what thousands of cyber range clients have already seen in Cambridge. We will also share business, technical and cultural lessons from the session with all attendees. For additional details, check out session 5303A in our Think 2019 sessions tool.

5. Enjoy Our New San Francisco Event Location

After many years in Las Vegas, our Think 2019 security conference will transition to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. San Francisco has been perennially named one of the most livable cities in the U.S.

During your stay in the Bay Area, you can enjoy a multitude of fun activities, such as visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, riding the city’s famous cable cars or even taking a scenic drive down the beautiful California coast. If you have additional business to attend to in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley, you have the advantage of being able to take care of all of your important business in a single trip.

Register Now for Think 2019

Like what you’re reading? Then head over to our Think 2019 registration page and register today. We look forward to seeing you — and your team — in San Francisco!

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